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Ben Heine

Benjamin Heine - was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in 1983. He studied Graphic Arts and Journalism and currently produce various illustrations, political cartoons, digital creations, portraits, caricatures, photos, and paintings. He has collaborated with several printed magazines and papers, such as ‘La Libre Belgique’ (Belgium), ‘European Voice’ (Belgium), 'Rolling Stone' (Germany), ‘Acque & Terre’ (Italia), ‘Le Monde Diplomatique’, Polish edition (Poland), ‘Zaman’ (Turkey), ‘The Copenhagen Post’ (Denmark), ‘As-Safir’ (Lebanon), ‘Al Baath’ (Syria), ‘Europa In De Wereld’ (Holland), ‘Pulse’ (Great Britain)... He has also worked with different online references such as ‘Media With Conscience’, ‘The peoples Voice’, ‘Rebelion’, ‘Point.e’, ‘Le Grand Soir Info’, ‘Axis of Logic’, ‘Cafe Babel’, ‘Tlaxcala’, ‘Uruknet’, ‘Quibla’, ‘Planete Non Violence’, ‘Concorde’, ‘Don Quichotte’, ‘Flesh and Stone’... He created book covers and illustrations for renowned authors. He was among the Jury of several worldwide cartoon contests. In his painting, He has been deeply influenced by German Expressionism, Belgian Surrealism, American Pop Art and Social Realism. H has exhibited his creations in Belgium, Great Britain, Canada, USA and Palestine. His blog - http://benjaminheine.blogspot.com/